Bigger Than Life Quotes

Bigger Than Life Quotes by Timbaland, Steve Young, Jennifer O’Neill, Gunter Grass, Raquel Welch, Patrick Warburton and many others.

An artist don't make you bigger than life - being that

An artist don’t make you bigger than life – being that person that can break artists can make you bigger than life.
I had a guy who went out of way to help me get started and somehow saw something in me. I couldn’t get my hands on a real guitar till I was fourteen. I always wanted one from the time I was a tiny kid. Music was bigger than life to me.
Steve Young
John Wayne was a consummate gentleman. Bigger than life.
Jennifer O’Neill
Everything bigger than life attracts a crowd.
Gunter Grass
I was a bigger-than-life persona before I was anyone in my own mind.
Raquel Welch
There’s just something about me and my persona that’s a little bit bigger than life and ridiculous at times.
Patrick Warburton
The people I worked with were bigger than life. Once you put them on the screen, they were huge.
Bruce Dern
Stripping away artifice – it’s the constant standard I aim for in acting, to approximate life. People talk about being bigger than life – but there’s nothing bigger than life.
Robert Duvall
Bigger than life is not difficult for me. I am bigger than life.
Rita Moreno
When people see you on the screen, you become bigger than life.
Dwyane Wade
Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words.
Christine Caine
The whole deal is when you walk onstage, you’re up there bigger than life. People idolize you.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
I don’t think you ever outgrow your love for things that are bigger than life and more colorful than the average life. And somehow I feel that these comic book stories are like fairy tales for older people, because they have the same qualities.
Stan Lee
I think superheroes are bigger than life and they’re very colorful.
Stan Lee
The first movie I ever saw was a blaxploitation movie. It was called ‘Monkey Hustle.’ Like I said, just listen to the name. That’s a blaxploitation movie. It had these incredible, bigger-than-life images of people who looked like I did. Or who looked like I wanted to look like.
Michael Jai White
You move differently than you do when you’re filling the stage at Radio City. You have to be bigger than life there.
Nickolas Ashford
You say the character [of Leo Bloom] was meek and insecure, and you could’ve been describing me as well. I was a very shy person in those days, and working with Zero [Mostel], who was bigger than life, helped me grow. Zero was a strong influence on me.
Gene Wilder