Billions Of Dollars Quotes

Billions Of Dollars Quotes by Tom Malinowski, Arunachalam Muruganantham, Justin Trudeau, Dick Durbin, Sheldon Whitehouse, Stewart Rahr and many others.

The American people do not want to waste billions of do

The American people do not want to waste billions of dollars on a wall that won’t stop illegal immigration but will make America look fearful and foolish.
Tom Malinowski
A lot of people making a lot of money, billion, billions of dollars accumulating. Why are they coming for, finally, for philanthropy? Why the need for accumulating money, then doing philanthropy? What if one decided to start philanthropy from the day one?
Arunachalam Muruganantham
We’re investing billions of dollars in housing, in home care on the medical side. We’re investing billions of dollars in public transit that is not just creating good jobs now but is going to help people get to and from their good jobs in more reliable ways.
Justin Trudeau
Taxpayers across the U.S. have invested hundreds of billions of dollars building our nation’s infrastructure, and that investment should be protected.
Dick Durbin
When cyclones tear up Oklahoma and hurricanes swamp Alabama and wildfires scorch Texas, you come to us, the rest of the country, for billions of dollars to recover. And the damage that your polluters and deniers are doing doesn’t just hit Oklahoma and Alabama and Texas. It hits Rhode Island with floods and storms.
Sheldon Whitehouse
I’m blessed to have these billions of dollars.
Stewart Rahr
There are billions of dollars spent every year on traditional media. The majority of people are spending more time every day on the Internet, especially on mobile. You’re starting to see a shift of that spend go to mobile, especially to things like ‘Instagram’.
Kevin Systrom
It is not rational, never mind ‘appropriate,’ to impose billions of dollars in economic costs in return for a few dollars in health or environmental benefits.
Antonin Scalia
Here we were talking about economic development, about investing billions of dollars in various programs, and I could see it wasn’t billions of dollars people needed right away.
Muhammad Yunus
Let’s face it: so much of what we consume is not driven by knowledge but by basic craving and impulse. The process of what we eat starts in our heads. And no one is more in our heads than a food industry that spends billions of dollars in marketing its message in every means possible.
Chuck Norris
In 2000, just before leaving the White House, Clinton ratcheted up military aid to Colombia. Plan Colombia, as the assistance program was called, provided billions of dollars to what was, and remains, the most repressive government in the hemisphere.
Greg Grandin
I also rise today in strong support of forward movement on the implementation of health information technology, which has the potential to save the United States billions of dollars in health care costs each year.
Russ Carnahan
Just about every year, Congress passes another crime bill – spending billions of dollars to build more prisons, to place more band-aids on society’s scars.
Carrie P. Meek
Machines are becoming devastatingly capable of things like killing. Those machines have no place for empathy. There’s billions of dollars being spent on that. Character robotics could plant the seed for robots that actually have empathy.
David Hanson
This Congress has promised all manner of border security and port security to the tune of billions of dollars… yet we have – to date – funded our promises for port security at only $900 million. That’s quite a distance between what we say and what we actually do.
Solomon Ortiz
Navient’s actions have led to student borrowers needlessly carrying billions of dollars in debt, and the company must be held accountable.
Lisa Madigan
My dad’s not the most normal thinking person. It’s not normal to need to make millions or billions of dollars.
Dan Bilzerian