Cards On The Table Quotes

Cards On The Table Quotes by Pusha T, Pete Earley, Warren G. Bennis, Jeremy Northam and many others.

Let's be honest, the cards' on the table:
Jealousy's a

Let’s be honest, the cards’ on the table:
Jealousy’s a sin, Cain killed Abel.
Backstabber…Caesar had Brutus.
It’s hard to weed ’em out, even Jesus had Judas.
Pusha T
I think that some of the greatest muckrakers and some of the greatest investigative journalists of all time had strong feelings about civil rights. There is a role for the journalist-advocate. And as long as you play your cards on the table, I think thats a role that we should allow.
Pete Earley
Servant leadership teaches us that you have to lay your cards on the table.
Warren G. Bennis
I never want to sort of put all the cards on the table all at once, because that’s somehow there’s always a journey to go on. There’s always something to be revealed, in my mind, about characters.
Jeremy Northam