Castles In The Air Quotes

Castles In The Air Quotes by Thomas Love Peacock, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton, William Rounseville Alger, William Osler, Henry David Thoreau, Richard Whately and many others.

My thoughts by night are often filled With visions fals

My thoughts by night are often filled With visions false as fair: For in the past alone, I build My castles in the air.
Thomas Love Peacock
Leave glory to great folks. Ah, castles in the air cost a vast deal to keep up!
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
A sigh can shatter a castle in the air.
William Rounseville Alger
No dreams, no visions, no delicious fantasies, no castles in the air, with which, as the old song so truly says, hearts are broken, heads are turned.
William Osler
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.
Henry David Thoreau
To know your ruling passion, examine your castles in the air.
Richard Whately
Life always holds in store surprises that are more complex and unforeseeable than any dream, and the secret is to let them come and not block them with castles in the air.
ГЃlvaro Mutis
If you don’t build castles in the air you won’t build anything on the ground.
Victor Hugo
Neurotics build castles in the air, psychotics live in them. My mother cleans them.
Rita Rudner
I simply can’t imagine the world will ever be normal again for us. I do talk about “after the war,” but it’s as if I’m talking about a castle in the air, something that can never come true.
Anne Frank
And the National Socialists believe that they can afford to ignore the world or oppose it, and build their castles-in-the-air without creating a possibly silent, but very palpable reaction from abroad.
Oswald Spengler
Tis best to build no castles in the air.
Fanny Burney
By reading the characteristic features of any man’s castles in the air you can make a shrewd guess as to his underlying desires which are frustrated.
John Dewey
No tribute is laid on castles in the air.
Charles Churchill
Idealism is like a castle in the air if it is not based on a solid foundation of social and political realism.
Claude McKay
The edifice of science not only requires material, but also a plan. Without the material, the plan alone is but a castle in the air-a mere possibility; whilst the material without a plan is but useless matter.
Dmitri Mendeleev
How often are the beauties of nature unheeded by man, who, musing on past ills, brooding over the possible calamities of the future, building castles in the air, or wrapped up in his own self-love and self-importance, forgets to look abroad, or looks with a vacant stare.
Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps