Elements Of Life Quotes

Elements Of Life Quotes by John Kessel, Fritjof Capra, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Paul Auster, Indrani, Michael Haneke and many others.

Never mishandle hope or self-confidence - those are ele

Never mishandle hope or self-confidence – those are elements of life, not just a game.
John Kessel
The elements of life are dynamic patterns of mass and energy, events rather than objects.
Fritjof Capra
Balance is the natural state of life, because the basic characteristic of the fundamental element of life, pure consciousness, is complete balance.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Chance is an element of life. What I try to do is study what I call the mechanics of reality as carefully as I can.
Paul Auster
The 6 elements of life are to laugh, give, share, enjoy, care, and live a strong and full life.
Pornography, it seems to me, is no different from war films or propaganda films in that it tries to make the visceral, horrific, or transgressive elements of life consumable.
Michael Haneke
Climate change will affect the basic elements of life for people around the world – access to water, food production, health, and the environment. Hundreds of millions of people could suffer hunger, water shortages and coastal flooding as the world warms.
Nicholas Stern
Satisfaction consists in freedom from pain, which is the positive element of life.
Arthur Schopenhauer