Falling To Pieces Quotes

Falling To Pieces Quotes by Kate Douglas Wiggin, Kristin Cashore, Jan Hellriegel, Mary Antin, Philip Pullman, Lisa Mangum and many others.

The world is always a new plaything to children, while

The world is always a new plaything to children, while to the old it seems falling to pieces from sheer dryness. Everything loses its value with time, but it is not the fault of the fruit, but of the mouth and the tongue.
Kate Douglas Wiggin
Brigan threw his head back and smiled at the sky. “Well said, Lady. The world may be falling to pieces, but at least the lot of us can have a bath.
Kristin Cashore
When the world around you is falling to pieces. Invite yourself into a new world that you have invented and can’t be touched.
Jan Hellriegel
It is only that my illusion is more real to me than reality. And so do we often build our world on an error, and cry out that the universe is falling to pieces, if any one but lift a finger to replace the error by truth.
Mary Antin
I got a book token for Christmas and exchanged it for a book called A History of Art, and that book (which I still have-battered and falling to pieces) became more precious to me than any Bible.
Philip Pullman
People think edges are bad, but they are really there to keep up from falling to pieces. They don’t hold us back, they hold us in. They hold us together.
Lisa Mangum