Forget About Me Quotes

Forget About Me Quotes by Al Yankovic, Jeff Hardy, Jensen Ackles, Joni Mitchell, Charles Mingus, Buddy Guy and many others.

In the '80s, I was putting out an album virtually every

In the ’80s, I was putting out an album virtually every year, I think mostly based on fear – that if I didn’t, people would soon forget about me.
Al Yankovic
Control me…release me…forget about me.
Jeff Hardy
When I was a sophomore, a friend asked me to go to a local acting seminar with him. Two guys were very interested in me and wanted me to come out to L.A. I wanted to finish high school before doing anything like that. I figured they’d just forget about me, but they kept after me for two years.
Jensen Ackles
I love you when I forget about me.
Joni Mitchell
Just because I’m playing jazz I don’t forget about me. I play or write me, the way I feel, through jazz, or whatever.
Charles Mingus
What I do is when I go to the stage I forget about me.
Buddy Guy
I just worked really, really hard to stay in people’s faces, so it would be hard to forget about me. I’m just trying to stay popular and do the same thing over and over.
Wiz Khalifa