Girl Next Door Quotes

Girl Next Door Quotes by Charlotte Flair, Tiffany Dupont, Amanda Foreman, Elisabeth Shue, Eliza Dushku, Jacki Weaver and many others.

I wish I was more like my character. In character, I am

I wish I was more like my character. In character, I am the queen. I am strong. I am confident, sometimes cocky. I’m hard to beat. Out of character, I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a best friend and just the girl next door that likes Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
Charlotte Flair
I always play the sweet girl next door.
Tiffany Dupont
Over the years, the writers at DC Comics softened Wonder Woman’s powers in ways that would have infuriated Marston. During the 1960s, she was hardly wondrous at all, less a heroic warrior than the tomboyish girl next door. It was no longer clear whether she was meant to empower the girls or captivate the boys.
Amanda Foreman
I may be the girl next door, but you wouldn’t want to live next to me.
Elisabeth Shue
There are a lot of actresses out there who are the girl next door. I relate more to characters who have an edge.
Eliza Dushku
I’ve had my share of villains and played some fairly nasty characters. But I’ve been acting for so long. I started out as the girl next door. Now I’m the grandmother next door.
Jacki Weaver
I’m not the girl next door.
Carine Roitfeld
I’m the comedic girl next door and a lot of fun.
Jenny McCarthy
I’m a die-hard foodie; I’m the girl next door post pack-up, and my best friends aren’t from the industry.
I am getting better offers since directors feel that I am versatile and can be more than just a girl next door. I am also seriously trying not to be repetitive.
I can be the girl next door, be the sexy girl, be an action girl. As an actor, this is something that people need to see.
Rhea Chakraborty
I had been comfortable with the simple ‘girl next door’ look for a long time. But then, I really wanted to get out of that zone and experiment with my style.
Raashi Khanna
I would always worry that I was only going to play the girl next door or the cute girlfriend. But I’ve been really lucky that all my roles have been very intense and completely different kinds of characters.
Sydney Sweeney
I was never the girl next door.
Bettie Page
I have never really ever gotten to play the girl next door.
Marisol Nichols
I do see a lot of roles that are, like, the girlfriend or the love interest or the girl next door. Maybe not totally well-rounded kinds of characters – women who are more of a plot device in a way.
Natalia Dyer
When I started, I’d hear other people saying, ‘God, she’s so bizarre-looking,’ because I didn’t look like the girl next door. But I was just normal. I was the girl next door. There were people in high fashion I could better relate to who were doing something more interesting and not talking this sort of rubbish.
Alek Wek