Golden Gate Bridge Quotes

Golden Gate Bridge Quotes by Eddie Izzard, Ray Harryhausen, Peter James, Grete Waitz and many others.

San Francisco! City of dreaming spires, people live her

San Francisco! City of dreaming spires, people live here… Golden Gate Bridge, ahh the Romans came here.
Eddie Izzard
Animation had been used only for things like King Kong and the destruction of cities, which was very popular in the 1950s. I got tired of destroying cities. I destroyed New York, I destroyed San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Rome, and Washington. I was looking for a new outlet, and I came across the Sinbad legends.
Ray Harryhausen
Drafting is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.The closer you get to the end, the more you start to worry about the beginning.
Peter James
Running gives me a clearer perspective on the world, and it makes me feel special. I’ve never been a traditional tourist. I’ve always seen the world by running, and that has allowed me to view things in a different way. Places look different in the early-morning hours, when the streets are deserted.
Grete Waitz