Health And Education Quotes

Health And Education Quotes by Herbert Hoover, Buzz Aldrin, Patricia Velasquez, Nelson Mandela, Maude Barlow, Narendra Modi and many others.

The advancement of knowledge must be translated into in

The advancement of knowledge must be translated into increasing health and education for the children.
Herbert Hoover
There’s a need for accepting responsibility – for a person’s life and making choices that are not just ones for immediate short-term comfort. You need to make an investment, and the investment is in health and education.
Buzz Aldrin
Kids suffering, with no opportunities for lack of having their basic human needs [met], like food, health, and education, but at the same time, [it] motivates me to keep fighting for them, for the ones less fortunate.
Patricia Velasquez
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela
Everything is now for sale. Even those areas of life that we once considered sacred like health and education, food and water and air and seeds and genes and a heritage. It is all now for sale.
Maude Barlow
Digital India’ is not an elite concept anymore. We have to use this idea to revolutionize health and education in India.
Narendra Modi
I want to see far more decisions taken far closer to the patients, the passengers and the pupils. Far more power for locally and regionally elected politicians who understand best the needs of their areas. And far more say too for the dedicated staff at all levels in health and education.
Charles Kennedy
With longer life spans and better health and education, many feel that giving birth to a baby a mere couple of decades after they themselves were in the cradle is a little premature.
Mariella Frostrup
The NRA was one of the items that we pointed to when we added money to the labor, health and Education appropriations bill by reducing the size of the tax cut.
Dave Obey
Peace, to have meaning for many who have only known suffering in both peace and war, must be translated into bread or rice, shelter, health and education, as well as freedom and human dignity.
Ralph Bunche
Health and education are always issues.
Helen Clark
Health is worth more than learning.
Thomas Jefferson
There are these very poor communities on the outskirts of Cairo called Mokattam, where a lot of the garbage collectors live. I used to volunteer there, doing health and education work when I was younger and living in Egypt.
Jehane Noujaim
If you don’t have jobs, it’s hard to have other things like health and education.
Michael Dell
For me, I am left leaning when it comes to health and education, on the right when it comes to defense. So I don’t know where I come on the political spectrum. And I think this the challenge that a lot of Jordanians have to deal with.
Abdallah II
Health and cheerfulness naturally beget each other.
Joseph Addison
My main goal, and it’s a big one, is that every child has a chance to get close to music – as a right – that as they have access to food, health, and education, they get the chance to have art and culture – especially music.
Gustavo Dudamel