Judgment Of Others Quotes

Judgment Of Others Quotes by Erma Bombeck, Sophocles, Marshall B. Rosenberg, Thomas a Kempis, Debbie Ford, Mother Teresa and many others.

It is not until you become a mother that your judgment

It is not until you become a mother that your judgment slowly turns to compassion and understanding.
Erma Bombeck
Men of ill judgment ignore the good that lies within their hands, till they have lost it.
Interpretations, criticisms, diagnoses, and judgments of others are actually alienated expressions of our unmet needs.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
It is no little wisdom for you to keep yourself in silence and in good peace when evil words are spoken to you, and to turn your heart to God and not to be troubled with the judgment of others.
Thomas a Kempis
A courageous warrior knows that she is powerfully sourced by something much greater than herself and that she can release the judgments of others.
Debbie Ford
If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
Mother Teresa
Everyone had clearly spent far too long perfecting their appearance. I used to feel intimidated by people like this; now I see them as walking insecurity beacons, slaves to the perceived judgment of others, trapped within a self- perpetuating circle of crushing status anxiety.
Charlie Brooker
Our judgments judge us, and nothing reveals us, exposes our weaknesses, more ingeniously than the attitude of pronouncing upon our fellows.
Paul Valery
Judgments of others contribute to self-fulfilling prophecies.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
Self-esteem comes from being able to define the world in your own terms and refusing to abide by the judgments of others.
Oprah Winfrey
The pride of life hath corrupted the judgment of others, and perverted them in the way of religion.
George Gillespie
The more one judges, the less one loves.
Honore de Balzac
Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.
We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.” Longfellow “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.
Les Brown
We are ashamed to seem evasive in the presence of a straightforward man, cowardly in the presence of a brave one, gross in the eyes of a refined one, and so on. We always imagine, and in imagining share, the judgments of the other mind.
Charles Horton Cooley
We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.
Paulo Coelho
While knowledge of tools and the love of motif may be in your backpack, and all mountains may be measured by their previous heroes, art must exist for you in a place beyond the judgment of others.
Robert Genn