Make You Happy Quotes

Make You Happy Quotes by Shawn Achor, Jennifer Lopez, George Bernard Shaw, Morrie Ryskind, Frank Pittman, Edward Burns and many others.

Success does not mean happiness. Check out any celebrit

Success does not mean happiness. Check out any celebrity magazine to look for examples to disabuse you of thinking that being beautiful, successful or rich will make you happy.
Shawn Achor
You’ve gotta do things that make you happy.
Jennifer Lopez
Doing what needs to be done may not make you happy, but it will make you great.
George Bernard Shaw
Money will never make you happy and happy will never make you money. That may be a wise crack, but I doubt it.
Morrie Ryskind
Marriage isn’t supposed to make you happy –
it’s supposed to make you married.
Frank Pittman
I suffer from Irish-Catholic guilt. Guilt is a good reality check. It keeps that ‘do what makes you happy’ thing in check.
Edward Burns
What you get will never make you happy; who you become will make you very happy or very sad.
Jim Rohn
You don’t have the bug, so go do what makes you happy.
Erin Foster
Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. What I do is about as simple as you can get. You could just count the beads, one, two, three, with your eyes closed or open, whatever makes you happy.
Lou Reed
Do what makes you happy, and don’t care what others think.
Demi Lovato
Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
Mahatma Gandhi
It’s so important to do something every day that will make you happy
Bob Ross
Will has always been the brighter burning star, the one to catch attention — but Jem is a steady flame, unwavering and honest. He could make you happy.
Cassandra Clare
You know how I feel about you, Bluefur. I’d do my best to make you happy, I promise. And I’ll love your kits as though they were my own.
Erin Hunter
Money doesn’t make you happy, but it gives a zone of comfort around you.
Maeve Binchy
Just be honest and true to yourself. If your friends around you love you, they’ll wish you the best and want only what’s going to make you happy.
Meagan Good
Just wear what makes you happy. If you’re happy, it’s a great outfit.
Alli Simpson