Performance Enhancing Drugs Quotes

Performance Enhancing Drugs Quotes by Lance Armstrong, Michael Bisping, Marion Jones, Georges St-Pierre, Chuck Grassley, Ryan Braun and many others.

I have never had a single positive doping test, and I d

I have never had a single positive doping test, and I do not take performance-enhancing drugs.
Lance Armstrong
If you’re taking performance-enhancing drugs and you get caught, in my mind, you should be banned for life.
Michael Bisping
Nobody has ever said anything about Marion Jones every using performance-enhancing drugs and they never will
Marion Jones
People have mistaken my break, I took a break from competition, it was because of mental problems, and because I was not agreeing with Performance Enhancing Drugs. I put the things on pause for a while, but I didn’t retire.
Georges St-Pierre
We need to make sure parents and coaches are aware of the dangers an on the look-out for the warning signs. Performance enhancing drugs are too damaging to young people for parents and coaches to not be involved.
Chuck Grassley
The fans appreciate the success the young guys are having now because they know the game is clean, that they’ve finally got rid of all the performance-enhancing drug issues.
Ryan Braun
Performance enhancing drugs are banned in the Olympics. OK, we can swing with that. But performance ‘debilitating’ drugs should not be banned. Smoke a joint and win the 100 metres, fair play for you. That’s pretty good. Unless someone’s dangling a Mars bar off in the distance.
Eddie Izzard
I have never taken performance-enhancing drugs in my life and I never will. Over the course of my career I have taken hundreds of drugs tests and every single one has been negative.
Mohamed Farah
I am against performance-enhancing drugs. I have never taken them and I never will take them.
Marion Jones
Performance-enhancing drugs are an illusion. I wish I had never gotten involved with steroids. It was wrong. It was stupid.
Mark McGwire
Lance Armstrong admitted he used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career. He confessed in front of the most respected judge in the land, Oprah Winfrey.
Craig Ferguson
Make no mistake: When I told Senator Mitchell that I injected Roger Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs, I told the truth.
Jim Lehrer
I have never taken performance-enhancing drugs whether banned or unbanned, on or off the list, at any time. In fact, I underwent hundreds of tests during my career and all were negative.
Stephen Roche
The perception is that baseball’s players’ union is protecting players to use steroids and other illegal performance-enhancing drugs.
Jim Bunning
My guess is many top athletes, distance runners included, use performance-enhancing drugs, enough so that the problem must be tackled.
Bill Rodgers
I’m on performance enhancing drugs, so I may cause drowsiness.
Jay London