Plan Of Salvation Quotes

Plan Of Salvation Quotes by L. Lionel Kendrick, Jeffrey R. Holland, Billy Graham, Pope John Paul II, Harold B. Lee, Alan Keyes and many others.

To gain strength in our struggles, we must have a posit

To gain strength in our struggles, we must have a positive perspective of the principles in the plan of salvation. We must realize that we have a personal Savior whom we can trust and turn to in our times of need.
L. Lionel Kendrick
The Atonement of Jesus Christ is rightfully seen as the central fact, the crucial foundation, and the chief doctrine of the plan of salvation, which we are called to teach.
Jeffrey R. Holland
‎”Sincerity is the biggest part of selling anything — including the Christian plan of salvation.
Billy Graham
Human progress planned as alternatives (to God’s plan) introduce in justice, evil and violence rising against the divine plan of justice and salvation. And despite transitory and apparent successes, they are reduced to simple machinations destined to dissolution and failure.
Pope John Paul II
I earnestly urge all our people to unite under the true banner of the Master, to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ so powerfully that no truly converted person could ever be aligned with these controversial concepts and procedures contrary to the Lord’s plan of salvation.
Harold B. Lee
My humble prayer is that all men everywhere may understand more fully the significance of the atonement of the Savior of all mankind, who has given us the plan of salvation which will lead us into eternal life, where God and Christ dwell.
Harold B. Lee
Christ is the very epitome of innocence, and without the blood of Christ, shed on Calvary, God’s plan of salvation would not have been fulfilled.
Alan Keyes
Prayer is a specific divine appointment, an ordinance of Heaven, whereby God purposes to carry out His gracious designs on earth and to execute and make efficient the plan of salvation.
Edward McKendree Bounds
You may talk about religion and speak about the Gospel, and say we have got the truth and the plan of salvation, and we have got the authority of the Priesthood; but if we are not honest, it does not amount to anything; for neither God nor honorable men love dishonesty. We must, therefore, be an honest people.
George Q. Cannon
Except the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ Jesus make a man sick of his opinions, he may hold them to doomsday for me; for no opinion, I repeat is Christianity, and no preaching of any plan of salvation is the preaching of the glorious gospel of the living God.
George MacDonald
You are not saved by the plan of salvation. You are saved by the man of salvation.
Adrian Rogers
How badly I wanted to belong as I had when I was a young Mormon girl, to be simply a working part in the great Mormon plan of salvation, a smiling exemplar of our sparkling difference.В But instead I found myself a headstrong Mormon woman staking out her spiritual survival at a difficult point in Mormon history.
Joanna Brooks
The plan of salvation as stated in the Bible can be seen through observation of the universe around us.
Hugh Ross