Quotes about Michelle Obama

Quotes about Michelle Obama by Kitty Kelley, Jennette McCurdy, Nas, Katie Piper, Naturi Naughton, Shangela and many others.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama don't go to Georgetown.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama don’t go to Georgetown… The Clintons did, indeed. And the Clintons go out and about in Washington now. They go to neighborhood restaurants.
Kitty Kelley
Michelle Obama. She is big on encouraging kids to eat healthy – which is great.
Jennette McCurdy
Calling Michelle ‘Obama Barack’s baby mama?’ Tell me, is that acceptable? But the Obamas aren’t the only targets. Fox’s pattern of race-baiting and fear-mongering regularly focuses on black leaders, black institutions and ordinary black people.
My feminist icon is Michelle Obama. To me she represents the definition of a strong and intelligent woman who has used her platform for so much good.
Katie Piper
I truly admire President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.
Naturi Naughton
Michelle Obama, one of my inspirations, said ‘when they go low, we go high,’ and it was a thing that I really carried with me.
Being first lady is a full-time job. Betty Ford worked full time and should have received a salary. Michelle Obama works full time and should be paid.
Karen DeCrow
Michelle Obama has also done a lot of work in the scope of educational equity and being able to work with her on some of her initiatives has been awesome. I’m very honored.
Chris Long
Michelle Obama has gone from political skeptic to political partner to a woman with a White House agenda of her own, and an approval rating higher than the president’s.
Jodi Kantor
I was starstruck by Michelle Obama. She’s an amazing-looking lady, and I’m a massive Barack Obama fan anyway.
Niall Horan
I have never been more proud of the United States than I am this year. We have elected an African-American president. We have the stellar Michelle Obama setting the standard for American women. I simply cannot say it enough: look how far we’ve come.
Kathryn Stockett
I didn’t know anything about Eliza when I first got the call about ‘Hamilton.’ Tommy Kail, the director, asked me if I wanted to be a part of it. I knew what he was talking about because I’d seen the video of Lin performing it at the White House for Barack and Michelle Obama.
Phillipa Soo
I would love to speak with First Lady Michelle Obama about the addictive component of obesity.
Jane Velez-Mitchell
Since pre-Emancipation, black ‘females’ have had to fight for the whites-only privilege of being deemed ‘ladies’: cultured, educated, sexually desirable in a socially respected way. Michelle Obama has managed to get all this without yielding her right to be smart and strong-willed.
Margo Jefferson
Those of us who care about food and where it comes from will miss both Obama and Michelle. Even though Obama failed to do many things he indicated he would do around food, Michelle Obama has done a lot to shine a light on the link between diet and health, which is really important.
Michael Pollan
I agree that sometimes Michelle Obama can come across as angry – and anger is discomforting. We venerate that empty word, closure, wanting to seal off the pain of the past and refusing it admittance to the chirpy present. This, of course, is nonsense.
Richard Cohen
Michelle Obama blows my mind. Form and function, style and grace.
Bellamy Young