Relationship With God Quotes

Relationship With God Quotes by Richard Grossman, Jim Palmer, Max Lucado, Anne Graham Lotz, Joss Whedon, Jase Robertson and many others.

Salvation is an individual relationship with God. I've

Salvation is an individual relationship with God. I’ve always considered myself to be a devotional poet, and I consider myself to be a devotional novelist.
Richard Grossman
One of the most freeing discoveries these past few years in my relationship with God is discovering that God is not a belief system or a fixed set of theological propositions.
Jim Palmer
How does God deal with your bitter heart? He reminds you that what you have is more important than what you don’t have. You still have your relationship with God. No one can take that.
Max Lucado
The first secret to loving others is to immerse yourself in a love relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit – and abide there.
Anne Graham Lotz
I’m Joan of Arc. I figured we had a lot in common, seeing as how I was almost burned at the stake. And plus she had that close relationship with God.
Joss Whedon
The bottom line is we are trying to do what’s right. We don’t just say we believe in God – we have active relationships with God.
Jase Robertson
It`s important to have a relationship with God. He’s the only one that can get down inside of you and heal what needs to be healed inside.
Joyce Meyer
I believe that his death and resurrection transformed humanity’s relationship with God.
Timothy Radcliffe
A relationship with God simply cannot grow when money, sins, activities, favorite sports teams, addictions, or commitments are piled up on top of it.
Francis Chan
Prayer is such a basic foundation of a Christian’s relationship with God. It’s how we communicate and fellowship with Him. But a surprising number of people, young and old, new and even long-time Christians, say they’re not satisfied with their prayer life.
Joyce Meyer
Sure, Christianity is a world religion and I don’t deny that. But having said that, this is, when it is all said and done, a relationship with God.
Greg Laurie
The Bible constantly warns against a merely mercenary relationship with God – a friendship of convenience or self-interest. We should not love God simply because doing so will produce many consolations in our life. We must enter a true relationship, were we fall in love not with His benefits, but with Him.
Robert Barron
My relationship with God has gotten so much stronger. He’s always had his hand on me. He always guided me. I didn’t always go where he wanted me to go. But He always had me. Now that I’m actually listening and being obedient, life is so much better.
Has your relationship with God changed the way you live your life?
Francis Chan
I always believed in God and Christ, but I was in rebellion – trying to make my relationship with God fit into my life instead of making my life fit in with him. I was stubborn.
Scott Stapp
Our relationship with God flows out of our love for God.
Christine Caine
My relationship with God is what gives me a moral compass on what decisions to make and that stuff. I’m thankful that I have the people around me that I do, and they remind me each day of who I am and what I stand for.
Alyson Stoner