Return To Me Quotes

Return To Me Quotes by Carroll O’Connor, Dorothy Day, Adelbert von Chamisso, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Melissa de la Cruz, Louise Hay and many others.

It's the character that is the strongest that God gives

It’s the character that is the strongest that God gives the most challenges to. Take your struggles as a compliment.
Carroll O’Connor
My strength returns to me with my cup of coffee and the reading of the psalms.
Dorothy Day
I will give you three days to seek your shadow. Return to me in the course of that time with a well-fitted shadow, and you shall receive a hearty welcome; otherwise, on the fourth day – remember, on the fourth day – my daughter becomes the wife of another.
Adelbert von Chamisso
Simi. Return to me. (Acheron) ‘Return to me, Simi.’ Don’t go frying the goddess. Don’t go frying Thanatos. I am not a yo-yo, akri. I am a Simi. I hate it when you get me all excited about going to kill something and then tell me no. I don’t like that. It boring. You don’t ever let me have any fun anymore. (Simi)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
You have punished me long enough, you have punished yourself long enough. Return to me. I beg.
Melissa de la Cruz
I love myself, therefore, I behave in a loving way to all people for I know that that which I give out returns to me multiplied.
Louise Hay
What I gave out in the form of words would return to me as experiences.
Louise Hay
Listen to the Lord’s appeal:…Come, then, return to me and learn to know me as your father, who repays good for evil, love for injury, and boundless charity for piercing wounds.
Peter Chrysologus
He is slow, and the sea sings to us both, but he returns to me.
Maggie Stiefvater
At night, when I am alone, I call for you, and whenever my ache seems to be the greatest, you still seem to find a way to return to me.
Nicholas Sparks
The greatest thing you’ll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return.
Eden Ahbez
Return to me, for my heart wants you only. Hurry home, hurry home, won’t you please hurry home to my heart.
Dean Martin