Signs Of Love Quotes

Signs Of Love Quotes by Tove Ditlevsen, William Shakespeare, John Cheever, Gabriel Marcel, Michael Lewis, Carson McCullers and many others.

[On her mother:] My relationship with her is close, pai

[On her mother:] My relationship with her is close, painful, and skaky, and I always have to keep searching for a sign of love. Everything I do, I do to please her, to make her smile, to ward off her fury. This work is extremely exhausting.
Tove Ditlevsen
I hold it cowardice To rest mistrustful where a noble heart Hath pawned an open hand in sign of love.
William Shakespeare
It is not, as somebody once wrote, the smell of corn bread that calls us back from death; it is the lights and signs of love and friendship.
John Cheever
I can express no kinder sign of love, than this kind kiss.
William Shakespeare
The striking thing about the Precious Blood is the bond it establishes between love and suffering in our experience, a bond that has become so close that we have come to think of suffering accepted with joy as the most authentic sign of love with any depth at all.
Gabriel Marcel
In Japan, mothers insist on achievement and accomplishment as a sign of love and respect. Thus to fail places children in a highly shamed situation.
Michael Lewis
The Heart is a lonely hunter with only one desire! To find some lasting comfort in the arms of anothers fire…driven by a desperate hunger to the arms of a neon light, the heart is a lonely hunter when there’s no sign of love in sight!
Carson McCullers
I feel pity for him, and that is a poor sign of love.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Staunch & faithful little lovers that they are, they give back a hundred fold every sign of love one ever gives them — & it mitigates the pang of losing them to know how very happy a little affection has made them .
Edith Wharton
At different stages in our lives, the signs of love may vary: dependence, attraction, contentment, worry, loyalty, grief, but at heart the source is always the same. Human beings have the rare capacity to connect with each other, against all odds
Michael Dorris
God’s justice and love are one. Infinite justice must be infinite love. Justice is but another sign of love.
Frederick William Robertson
O SON OF MAN! For everything there is a sign. The sign of love is fortitude under My decree and patience under My trials.
A love affair based on jealousy is doomed from the start … It is certanly a sign of love, but it’s a sign that it’s already dying.
Francoise Sagan