So Many Opportunities Quotes

So Many Opportunities Quotes by Meghan Daum, Patrick Chan, Adnan Sami, Ander Herrera, Ana Ivanovic, Lana and many others.

Mother's Day, like motherhood itself, is fraught with p

Mother’s Day, like motherhood itself, is fraught with peril. There are so many ways to get it wrong, so many opportunities to disappoint and be disappointed.
Meghan Daum
Skating has given me so many opportunities.
Patrick Chan
‘Grateful’ is a small word to express my gratitude, as God has blessed me with so many opportunities to restart my life.
Adnan Sami
When you have 16 or 17 attempts, when you have so many opportunities to score in the first 60 or 70 minutes and you don’t do it, the opponent can score. The opponent can hurt you.
Ander Herrera
Tennis has given me so many opportunities, and I feel very lucky to have achieved whatever I have, especially coming from a country that does not have a great history in the game.
Ana Ivanovic
I think ‘Total Divas’ has brought the women more mainstream and so many opportunities. However, I’ve always thought, if I’m supposed to be on the show, I’ll be on the show. It’s all about timing.
I was planning to study more, but it’s a struggle with so many opportunities for film and trying to get better through studying. No matter what, I want to be making more movies.
Zhu Zhu
I saw so many opportunities in the U.S. because I knew that I could make a living doing things I could never do in Romania.
Anastasia Soare
There are so many opportunities in life, that the loss of two or three capabilities is not necessarily debilitating. A handicap can give you the opportunity to focus more on art, writing, or music.
Jim Davis
I don’t do anything I don’t want to do. There are so many opportunities that come my way, but if there’s something out there that I don’t want to do, I truly don’t do it, because I have to maximize my time. If there’s truly an opportunity to be quiet and be by myself, I do it.
Michael Strahan
Do you care about climate justice? Are you about women’s rights and women’s reproductive rights? Do you care about civil liberties and the Voting Rights Act? There are so many opportunities for people to go back and be inspired and plug into their own community.
Linda Sarsour
There are so many opportunities that I could’ve gotten before if I had just took a little more of a risk.
Carol Leifer
I was lucky; I got so many opportunities.
Frances Tiafoe
You tend to take your journey for granted after a while, but when I pause and look back, I feel blessed that I had so many opportunities.
Zeenat Aman
I feel so lucky that I had so many opportunities.
Carrie-Anne Moss
I think we have challenges, but we have so many opportunities to get it right. I like it when we have a little bit of a headwind. The kite actually lifts when you have a headwind and doesn’t when there is lift from the back.
Borje Ekholm
I dreamed big. So it’s so great to be living my own dream. I’m working in an industry that I want to work in, and I’m doing something that I love every day. So I feel really lucky to have had so many opportunities.
Yvonne Strahovski