Stand Up Comedian Quotes

Stand Up Comedian Quotes by Stephanie Miller, Mitch Hedberg, Chris Tucker, Patrick Huard, Jessie Cave, Kunal Nayyar and many others.

I started as a stand-up comedian. I wanted to be Carol

I started as a stand-up comedian. I wanted to be Carol Burnett when I was growing up.
Stephanie Miller
When you’re in Hollywood and you’re a comedian, everybody wants you to do other things. All right, you’re a stand-up comedian, can you write us a script? That’s not fair. That’s like if I worked hard to become a cook, and I’m a really good cook, they’d say, “OK, you’re a cook. Can you farm?”
Mitch Hedberg
I really loved what I was doing being creative and being funny as a stand-up comedian.
Chris Tucker
I come from the stage. I started my career as a stand-up comedian and then later on became an actor.
Patrick Huard
I am trying to work out what my taste is, comedy-wise. I look up to stand up comedians who appear to be telling the truth, but I don’t mind if they are lying.
Jessie Cave
The really good stand up comedians can be angry but relatable, and they have interestingly humanizing personalities. Their observational skills are far greater than mine, so I’ll just stick to reading lines off a page.
Kunal Nayyar
I was a stand-up comedian for 10 years, if you can believe it. And I gave it up at age 22.
Samm Levine
If you want to be a stand-up comedian or an artist, you move to New York.
T. J. Miller
I’m a stand-up comedian-turned-actor-turned-vampire at night.
Vir Das
I usually just say I’m a stand-up comedian, but I use looping machines to create ideas with my voice.
Reggie Watts
The skill of a good actor is to make it always seem like you’re in that fantastically spontaneous moment. Very often, a stand-up comedian has a different instinct, which is to reinvent. Once you’ve laid down some material, and made them laugh, you move on and find some new material.
Colin Firth
Branne’s [Pavlovic] parents wanted him to become a taxi driver, but he became a stand-up comedian instead. So they died of shame.
Aron Flam
I was influenced by a lot of stand-up comedians… Eddie Murphy back when he was doing ‘Raw.’ I watched that so many times as a kid, I can probably still quote the entire thing to this day. Chris Rock. Dave Chappelle. George Carlin. A lot of the guys who were sort of edgy for their time.
Ray William Johnson
I spent 25 years as a stand-up comedian.
Steven Michael Quezada
I also could see myself as a stand-up comedian, a fashion designer (for people of all sizes), a hairdresser, an earnest and eventually burnt-out politician, or the owner of a small bistro. But I fear that, without poetry, I would have simply been going through the motions.
Denise Duhamel
I’ve loved the Internet space in terms of creative content control and ownership, the things I haven’t had since I started as a stand-up comedian.
Kevin Pollak
This is a dream come true. HBO is the highest echelon in the world for a stand-up comedian to attain. Throughout my career I’ve trusted my instincts to lead me down the right path, and I am honored to work together with this network while contributing to the legacy that is HBO.
Dane Cook