Stand Your Ground Quotes

Stand Your Ground Quotes by Peter Bart, Thomas Jefferson, Ai Yazawa, Moses, John Michael Montgomery, Rick Riordan and many others.

Do your homework and stand your ground.

Do your homework and stand your ground.
Peter Bart
In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.
Thomas Jefferson
I always thought that life was about standing your ground, no matter how strong the current was. But going with the flow isn’t so bad after all. As long as it takes you forward.
Ai Yazawa
Fear not! Stand your ground… the Lord himself will fight for you; you have only to keep still.
If you’ve got faith and you believe in what you are living for, you can stand your ground when the Devil’s at your door.
John Michael Montgomery
Stand your ground!” Stheno yelled. “I’ve got free samples!
Rick Riordan
We’ve investigated the gun lobby and its political donations and how it spread the Stand Your Ground laws from Florida.
Clara Jeffery
Stand your ground means stand your ground. It doesn’t mean chase after somebody who’s turned their back.
Jeb Bush
Go to find common ground; where you can’t, you stand your ground.
Nancy Pelosi
You don’t have to see through the eyes of others, hold onto yours, stand on your own judgment, you know that what is, is–say it aloud, like the holiest of prayers, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
Ayn Rand
Do not be surprised that you fall every day; do not give up, but stand your ground courageously. And assuredly, the angel who guards you will honour your patience.
John Climacus
You stand your ground and you perform your art. That’s what the artist does. The artist is about perfection.
Mike Tyson