Win Win Situation Quotes

Win Win Situation Quotes by Stan Kroenke, Robert Foster Bennett, Zach Braff, Susan Andersen, Gwen Jackson, John Corbett and many others.

Economics is about creating win-win situations. But in

Economics is about creating win-win situations. But in sports, someone loses.
Stan Kroenke
I like to think of sales as the ability to gracefully persuade, not manipulate, a person or persons into a win – win situation.
Robert Foster Bennett
I love signing autographs! Sometimes, when people ask me for one, I keep the photo for myself and frame it. It’s a Win-Win situation really; I get an extra 25 dollars in my pocket AND another portrait for my bedroom.
Zach Braff
What is it about men, anyway? You can’t live with ’em and the law frowns on neutering them. It’s not exactly a win-win situation.
Susan Andersen
Philanthropy, like Red Cross voluntarism, is realizing the enhancing influence of cultural diversity. Inviting the full participation of all the community’s resources leads to win-win situations.
Gwen Jackson
Fame is an odd thing. It bugs you a little bit, but it’s really not bad.
John Corbett
It is everything I thought it would be; being the Olympic champion, it definitely is an amazing feeling. And I give all the glory to God. It’s kind of a win-win situation. The glory goes up to him and the blessings fall down on me.
Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things He does for me.
Gabby Douglas
What makes networking work is that it sets up win-win situations in which all parties involved get to take something home. Networking is a sharing process. Until you understand that, you won’t have much of a network.
Earl G. Graves, Sr.