Years And Years Quotes

Years And Years Quotes by Shaggy, Michael Owen, Diana Rigg, Brooke Hogan, Bernie Taupin, Katha Pollitt and many others.

I don't make as many records as other people do because

I don’t make as many records as other people do because I prefer the live side of it – and my records are so big that they keep me touring for years upon years and years.
If you have any setback in your life, like not being in the England squad was for me – any setback, like losing a family member – everyone handles it in different ways. When I first wasn’t included I was numb. I’d been the main England striker for years and years. It was really disappointing.
Michael Owen
You hand the baton on, and that’s why roles like ‘Medea’ resonate for years and years, as each new actor comes to it.
Diana Rigg
I don’t think what people realize is I’ve been through years and years and years of training – piano, dance, vocal lessons.
Brooke Hogan
One reason I quit doing interviews after years and years and years was because I was making things up.
Bernie Taupin
Women who give up their children for adoption are years and years later talking about how painful it was, much more than women who have abortions.
Katha Pollitt
You got to have the right lawyer and good management. I went years and years without management and even a good lawyer; I used to handle contracts on my own, and it was definitely corners that they would cut. It wouldn’t have happened if I had a good lawyer behind me.
Statik Selektah
Look at someone like Mary Berry, for God’s sake, that woman is just such an inspiration… what’s to say you can’t do stuff for years and years and years?
Mel Giedroyc
I find it baffling that for years and years I got tremendous stick for the amount of money I earned.
Angus Deayton
For years and years, I was beset with snide remarks by certain members of the press, where they would turn John Oates into a joke, or they would trivialize what I do, which never really bothered me all that much.
Daryl Hall
Years and years of therapy taught me to speak up because speaking up is what gets things done and gets your story and your voice heard.
Michelle Visage
The electronic media introduced this idea to the larger audience very, very quickly. We spent years and years and years meeting with activists all over Europe to lay the groundwork for a political response, as we did here.
Jeremy Rifkin
The thing with USADA’s technology is that it’s so good that it can allow them to trace things to years and years back, things you consumed unknowingly.
Rachael Ostovich
Years and years ago, I did a game based on ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ with a company called Infocom, which was a great company. They were doing witty, intelligent, literate games based on text.
Douglas Adams
There would always be a vote. There were always conflicts and arguments for years and years – that’s why we’re not together anymore. But there was always a vote. It was always two out of three.
David Zucker
Years and years ago, I sang at a blues bar with a band behind me. It was with my friend, my guitar teacher at the time. I took some sporadic lessons.
Josh Holloway
The notion of overnight stardom is really dangerous. For almost every person who has success in this business, there are years and years of hard work to get there. To have longevity, you really have to train, and you really have to work.
Caitlin Fitzgerald